Pigments & Pixels

Artworks of Jocelyn Gardner

About Joss

Despite a degree in biology, I did not have the inner calling to make it my profession. Personal events changed the course of my life to the point where art took the vacated place. It started with the simple creation of black-and-white drawings of animals that I had studied and observed.


My creative process is constantly evolving, both in terms of how I use media and what is intended to be expressed. This is probably due to my background as a scientific illustrator, which leads me to represent all kinds of subjects on a wide variety of topics.


A painting can sometimes remain unfinished for months without finding a conclusion. I can then choose to work on it on the computer. The original gesture remains present and can even be accentuated. The colors can be more saturated and the textures better defined.


The ultimate goal of every artistic work
is to be enhanced by the eyes of an audience.


Digital Pastel
Digital Pastel


All-digital original works.

Having acquired a good expertise in drawing and computer image processing software, I have developed a know-how that allows me to create digital paintings in a variety of styles. I sometimes use my photo archives as a source of inspiration.

Pigments and Pixels

Scanned hand-painted works.

These artworks originate from hand painted works that I did not finish for one reason or another. I sometimes give a second life to some of them, a few months or years later, by digitizing them and then transforming them using digital imaging software.

Gouache and pastel on paper, scanned

Pigments and Pixels

Acrylic and pastel on canvas, scanned


Gouache et pastel sur papier


Hand-painted works.

Abstract works made on board, paper or canvas. These are compositions in which I have used various traditional mediums, the main one being dry pastel. I sometimes applied a base coat of gouache or acrylic to create textural effects on which the pastel was applied. I applied an acrylic varnish at the end.