The painting is born from the imagination and the hand of the painter.

Artistic approach

When a new artwork is created,
it is important to maintain the state of wonder.

3 creative processes

Confusing for some, fascinating for others, abstract art brings up questions:

  • What did the artist want to paint?
  • Did he want to represent a boat, a character, a landscape?

The power of abstract art is to allow any viewer to project his or her imagination, to perceive a story and to experience the emotion. Occasionally, his or her perception corresponds to the artist’s intention, while for others, different interpretations emerge. It is then a gift that is offered to me when I witness it.

Pastel on paper, digitized

Pigments & Pixels

Mix of traditional
and digital painting

A hand-painted piece can sometimes remain unfinished for months without me finding a conclusion to it. At times I am inspired to complete it with digital technology to achieve a combination with traditional painting and digital painting. I make sure that the original strokes remain present and even be accentuated sometimes.

During the digital exploration, I listen to the moment and the instinct of my gut. I’m waiting for the surprise: that intimate feeling of ha! ha! when the mind goes into motion to reframe an inspired and inspiring composition. Coming from abstraction, my main muses are the elements of nature, to which has been added over the years the soft curves of the human body.


Digital painting

Digital painting is a distinctive category of digital art. I have the same choice as a traditional painter regarding tools such as brushes, pencils, sponges; choice of support (paper, canvas, wood); and choice of medium (pastel, watercolor, oil, acrylic). For my part, I mainly use digital pastel on a paper texture. My working tools are the graphic tablet and a computer with monitor.

There are several steps in the execution of a digital painting similar to what I do in the previous process. They are not always the same for each painting. The starting template can be blank or a digital image that inspires me. In this case, it is the perception of an interesting subject, or the feeling of an interesting composition.

This base image can be one of my photos, or a digital image generated from a subject or a poetic sentence dictated by me to an AI interface. After having made my choice, I proceed as follows: I redraw, transform and manipulate this image using various computer programs, Photoshop being the most commonly used.

Digital pastel
Acrylic and pastel on canvas


Traditional painting

I do not make any preliminary sketches and begin with no intention of reaching a particular outcome. As an observer of the process, I am amazed at the choice of colors from which essentially organic lines and shapes emerge.

What wants to be brought to life through me manifests itself with the application of colors with pastels or brushes. I lay out and layer more or less dense materials on a sheet of paper or canvas. I let my gaze discover what wants to reveal itself, and I allow myself to see what is perceptible, no matter if it is perceived only several days later.

The starting point for each painting is improvised movements and gestures. Despite my intention of abstraction, more defined forms or characters may emerge during the execution.